May 25, 2022

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Why should traders use Global CTB?

Why should traders use Global CTB?

While the cryptocurrency market has exploded in recent years, regulations are still not in place. Global CTB will create a global marketplace for retail traders to trade and transfer funds into cryptocurrencies. They will be able to use the platform to trade across multiple exchanges and with different types of brokers while meeting all regulatory requirements. The Global CTB platform will provide a retail trading environment that follows the same procedures as traditional stock exchanges. Traders will have access to advanced features including real time streaming quotes, automated trading tools, and robust research capabilities.

Global CTB operates a global marketplace that allows traders to trade across multiple markets in real time. They offer deep liquidity with exchange matches being made automatically and orders being matched automatically on a best-efforts basis. Traders can trade futures markets for commodities, stocks, indices and ETFs. The Global CTB Platform is the only one of its kind that allows anyone to trade multiple asset classes in different markets using a single digital trading account. After logging into the platform traders can access all their trading accounts and place orders in multiple markets simultaneously (up to 5).

 Traders can add liquidity to their market by selling shares of another trader’s position. Because Crypto Traders can trade multiple asset classes using a single trading account they are able to take advantage of the exponential growth in liquidity that occurs when large amounts of capital flow into a new market or underlying asset class. All Crypto Traders need is a trading account and anyone with an internet connection. The Crypto Trader’s fees are only 0.5 percent per transaction and there are no hidden charges or service fees to worry about. All trading fees go directly towards funding the global structure for this uncensored, decentralized market place. Global CTB is a company that has created a platform for trading cryptocurrencies.