Support for Firefighters, Inc was started by Jeff and Linda Venable to support firefighters and their families.  This cause is very important to them as Linda had recently retired after 33 years in the Dallas Fire department.   The fire department is a family and we wanted to give back to that family.

The idea of starting their own charity grew from the fact Jeff is a long distance runner and the idea developed that he could run across the country in support of firefighters and their families.  Linda and Jeff researched existing charities and found more than one that they liked, hence they decided to start their own charity that would donate to charities like Fallen Firefighters, the Thin Red Line, and The Sons of the Flag.

How can you help?

1)      The most obvious way that you can help is a donation to Support For Firefighters, Inc.

2)      Forward our email and message to all your contacts, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, email, etc.  Also let your service providers know, doctors, dentists, dry cleaners, hair dressers/barbers, nail salons, religious groups, etc.

3)      Open an account with BBVA Compass bank.  BBVA has a program, BBVA Compas For Your Cause, that for each new account associated with Support For Firefighters they will donate $50.  BBVA Compass will also donate .25% of all credit card purchases on a BBVA Compass credit card.

BBVA Compass also has a local heroes account that has no fees if you are a teacher, retired military, a police officer or fire fighter.  So tell your friends about this as well!